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Glamorous, brilliant and miraculous...


There's more to the spellbinding allure of amethyst than meets the eye. Get to know the protective features of nature's miraculous amethyst against the negative elements abound in daily life.


Each passing day, new technological developments offer ever easier solutions and innovations to make life easier. Yet, their adverse effects cannot be overlooked. Human life is valuable and must be guarded against these threats. Since we can't do without technology or accept its adverse effects, then we must take precautions to protect the quality in all areas of life. Even asleep...
The most effective and natural protection against the adverse effects of daily life is a miracle of nature... One of the most precious stones known throughout history... With its splendid color and glamorous effect, the amethyst has been a coveted element for many civilizations past and present. .. Along with its sparkling charm, the energy given off by the amethyst is one of the most effective and natural material in the world known to protect man against all the negative elements of daily life...

Why the amethyst?

  • The energy given off by the amethyst has a vitalizing effect on people.
  • Its energy creates harmony and balance, as well as calming the nerves.
  • Transforms the negative energy in its surroundings to positive energy.
  • Helps relieve sleep problems and improve sleep quality by creating a peaceful sleep environment.
  • Improves brain functions by ridding the negative energy built up in the body.
  • Keeps away negative thoughts by creating peaceful atmosphere.
  • Puts an end to mental fatigue that is the result of overwork and stress.
  • Helps protect people from the negative effects of emissions from electronic wares.


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