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Turkey's first "visco" producer

Ural Medikal, established in 1996 for visco elastic memory foam mattress, pillow and medical products production, is the first moulded visco elastic producer in Turkey. The production which has started with medical sector in domestic market, added exporting due to the demands coming from abroad in a very short of time. After this progress the demands of the domestic furniture companies for their mattress and pillow needs have been started to be met. Since 2008 the expansion in domestic market with Visko Love brand has been accelerated. 150 showrooms, 250 sales points in total have been reached around Turkey in a very short of time. In the meantime, the export operations, Europe being in the first place, continue at over 40 countries around the World. 

Besides, being the first visco mattress producer in Turkey, Ural Medikal which has succeeded many innovatons, is the first gel mattress and pillow and also the first washable visco mattress and pillow producer in Turkey. Besides, we are the first roll packaging operator, and still the only moulded visco producer in Turkey. Moreover Ural Medikal is the number 1 company in terms of the range of the moulded visco pillows. Ural Medikal ensures its leadership and expertise in its sector with R&D studies and advanced production methods.

Visko Love is still a young company which invests consistently in accordance with its target to be the leader in terms of quality in production and in sales as well, both of in domestic market and in abroad.

Ural Medikal, which works at the European standarts, has the certificates of TÜV, Sanitized, Oeko-Tex and CE. Visko Love is the only moulded visco elastic memory foam producer in Turkey, whereas it’s among the 4 companies in Europe. The expansion of the mattresses and pillows is designed in such a that it starts from the European market to throughout the World.


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